• 2181311_orig
  • black folio
  • Sweet Dreams folio
  • Starry Night
  • Smokey Taboo folio
  • Sahara
  • Glass Slipper folio
  • Dusk
  • Black Magic
  • Slate (Signature)
  • Renaissance (Antique)
  • Sin with Me Red (Confident Curves)
  • Serene (Phoenix)
  • Rose Gold (Fantasy)
  • Smoldering (Phoenix)
  • Red IM
  • Red Genuine Leather (Signature)
  • Purple Brocade
  • Bordeaux (Signature)
  • Magnetic (Phoenix)
  • Dazzling
  • Komodo Pearl (Fantasy)
  • Imperial (Antique)
  • Jet Black (Signature)
  • Moonlight (Fantasy)
  • 1568699361
  • Passionate Pacific (Confident Curves)
  • Confident Caramel (Confident Curves)
  • Funk (Fantasy)
  • Black IM
  • Black Silk
  • Black Genuine Leather (Signature)
  • Black Linen
  • Blue Black Floral
  • Antique Silver (Antique)
  • Camel (Antique)
  • Daring (Phoenix)
  • Dazzling (Phoenix)
  • Empowering Emerald (Confident Curve)


Folios are ideal as an add on to an album, or as a gift for your customer.
Covers can be made to match the cover of your album.

Matted vs Image Folios

The Matted Folio has brilliant white mats that you slip either 5×7, 7×5 or 5×5 images into, giving a classic, sophisticated presentation tool. Mats are brilliant white with a modern art feel and look

The Image Folio has either an 8×10, 10×8 or 8×8 images mounted to the folio, giving a much larger presentation experience. The images are mounted on archival board, and then laminated with a scratch proof lamination that not only gives excellent protection, but also brings out the brilliance in the image.

Please upload your images in .jpeg format.

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